Getting a quick offer doesn’t mean your home is underpriced.

Does getting a quick offer mean your home is underpriced? Many sellers seem to think so, but that sentiment is often untrue and depends on the current market. 

For example, there’s such high demand in our market that it’s forcing people to pay above asking price to compete for homes. Six of the last seven homes our team listed went under contract with multiple offers and sold above asking price. 

“Market values are set by buyers.”

Before listing a home, the homeowner and their real estate agent will review their intentions, expectations, timelines, and how the agent can best serve the seller, so a quick offer actually means the home was priced properly. 

A home will never sell under market value because market value is what a buyer is willing and able to pay for the home. In this way, market values are set by buyers. What you need to remember is that market value and list price aren’t always the same. 

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