Here are five mistakes sellers need to avoid in our current market.

Even though our current market heavily favors sellers, that doesn’t mean sellers can do no wrong. Today I’ll talk about the five most common mistakes that sellers make during the real estate process that could jeopardize their transactions:

1. Picking the wrong agent. Though there are so many real estate agents out in the market these days, you need to pick one with experience and a track record of success. Last year, our team sold 150 homes; the average agent sells only eight.

2. Overpricing. It’s our role as experts to make sure your home is priced appropriately for today’s market so that you get the best outcome. There’s a sweet spot in the market that will attract the largest number of buyers and, in turn, get you the highest possible price.

3. Only considering the highest offers. Many sellers are getting multiple offers on their listings. Keep in mind that there are other factors in an offer to consider beyond price, such as deadlines, dates, and contingencies. Make sure your agent combs through each offer to ensure that it’s strategic for you to accept it in the long run.

4. Not knowing how to get your home ready for today’s market. We have new strategies to help sellers prepare their homes for sale. These strategies have changed since the market has shifted to a seller’s market, so be sure that your agent knows exactly what it will take to get the most from your sale with the least effort.

“There are other factors in an offer to consider beyond just price.”

5. Getting too emotional. Being emotional about your home is common, but it can be a detriment to your sale. Our job is to serve as your representative and to make sure your decisions are in your best interest.

If you have questions about selling your home or anything else to do with real estate, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re happy to help.