Why it’s crucial to work with an experienced agent in today’s market.

The market has been good these last few years. Because of that, a lot of new agents are coming into the industry, which is a positive thing, but it can present a problem for buyers and sellers. It’s important that you work with someone who has experience, understands the market, and knows what they’re doing.

When you’re selling, it’s crucial to have a good agent. They can’t just stick a sign in the yard; they have to have a solid strategy and great marketing. You need an agent who will not only expose your home to the most people possible but also negotiate well when it’s under contract. They need a network of other Realtors and a well-maintained list of buyers.

“Working with an experienced agent has never been so important.”

On the buying side, experienced agents are also crucial. Navigating the buying process in our competitive market requires someone who can guide you through getting a mortgage and making offers. We have a list of off-market properties that we’ve had a lot of success with, and you must work with an agent who has one too. You will need an agent who can negotiate on your behalf so that you can win bids and still be protected. You don’t want to have to sacrifice all of your contingencies and interests.

Working with an experienced agent has never been so important. If you have any questions, call or email us anytime. We’re always here to help.